"To all that participated in the care of my mother I have nothing but the highest praise & gratitude for Northeast Clinical Services, I truly would have been lost without you. The professionalism and kindness everyone demonstrated was a breath of fresh air and greatly appreciated. Angles come in many forms- this time, they worked via Northeast Clincials Staff" - D.G.
“I cannot speak highly enough about our nurse. She is so interactive with our daughter and just wonderful all around. She makes sure to communicate with me at the end of each shift and very thorough. I couldn’t ask for a better nurse”
"Private duty nursing involves making differences that you are able to see over time. Families are at ease knowing their loved ones are receiving quality care from well-trained nurses. There is no better feeling than to know you have contributed to improving and maintaining a patient's well-being while educating and empowering the family. Working one-one with patients is by far the most rewarding nursing experience." - Sandra D. NCS employee

Employment Opportunities at Northeast Clinical Services

Northeast Clinical Services is a Medicare/Medicaid home health care agency specializing in the provision of high quality private duty nursing care within the homes of our patients. We provide nursing to the pediatric, young adult, and adult population. We also offer various in-services throughout the year.

If you are looking for a job that gives you flexibility, excellent pay, great benefits, the convenience you deserve, and a place that reminds you of why you became a nurse... call us!

Danvers Office
(serving the Northshore area)
Dedham Office
(serving Boston and the Southshore area)

Josh Stanley
(P) 978.646.5215 / (F) 978.560.1402
(E) jstanley@neclinical.org

Betsy Miller
(P) 978.646.5208 / (F) 781.329.0348
(E) emiller@neclinical.org

Natasha Purtz-Abasciano
(P) 781.381.5404 / (F) 781.329.0348
(E) npurtz-abasciano@neclinical.org

Jan Terlaje
(P) 781.381.5405 / (F) 781.329.0348
(E) jterlaje@neclinical.org

Please make sure to attach a cover letter and indicate the case or cases you are trained to work with.

Available Shifts

Employment Opportunities at Northeast Clinical Services

DANVERS ( If interested in any of the following cases below please contact 978-646-5200)


51 y/o male-encephalopathy, epilepsy, gtube

Available: every other Saturday stating 12/17 8a-4p and Sunday starting 12/11 8a-4p



33 yr old male w/ pulmonary toiletry, total care, cognitively intact, gtube, Bipap & O2 overnight

Available: Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday 7a-5p



9 yr old boy dx Trisomy 18, vent, trach, and gtube

Available: Thursday 3p-8p &E/O Sunday beginning 10/23



4 y/o girl with epilepsy, G/J tube, Central Line


Fridays 3p-10p

Central line training provided.



2 y/o female

G-tube, trach, central line, TPN, seizure disorder, O2

(central line, TPN training can be provided)


Friday, Saturday, Sunday 11p-7a

Monday or Tuesday 11p-7a



50 y/o male

Brain injury, trach, G-tube, uses wheelchair


Looking for an LPN to fill in

Monday thru Friday 8:30a-3:30p

Accompany patient to day program



21 y/o male

G-tube, Spinal Muscular Atrophy

Avail:Back-up nurse with availability to fill in sometimes on a Mon, Wed, or Thurs 9:30p-5a.



33 y/o male- Spinal cord injury to cervical region,Paralysis, straight cath, wheelchair, verbal

Available: Overnights:

Monday, Thursday, Friday & Saturday  nights 1230a-830a

Special Fill :

Christmas Day 12/25 9a-5p

New Year’s Day 1/1 9a-5p



51 y/o male- ALS, gtube, trach, vent

Available: Mon 11p-7a, Tues 11p-7a, Wed 11p-7a Thurs 3p-11p & 11p-7a, Fr 3p-11p,Sat 3p-11p & 11p-7a, Sun 3p-11p



18 y/o female- Rett’s syndrome, gtube

Avail: Friday 3-11p,every other Saturday and Sunday 7a-3p, every other Friday night 11p-7a, Mondays 7a-3:30p starting in january



6 month old female-VACTERL association, Esophageal atresia. Trach, Vent, J tube. Need good Respiratory and Neuro assessment skills..

Availability: Saturday and Sundays 7a-4p, Saturday overnight 9p-7a



18 yr. old male- CP, seizure disorder, G/J tube,trach, O2, bipap, vent willing to train on vent

Available: Monday, Wednesday-Sunday 9a-5p pending return home (beginning around mid November)



20 yr old female dx Sanflippo syndrome, gtube

Available: Wednesday, & Saturday 9a-2p 1 nurse both shifts



21 yr old female dx Myasthenia gravis w/o (acute) exacerbation, gtube.

Available: Tuesday 11p-7a, Wednesday 3p-7a

                   E/O Friday 3p-7a E/O Friday 3p-9p

                   E/O Saturday 9p-7a

Beginning Wednesday 12/14—female preferred.



12 yr old male with congenital muscular dystrophy & congenital myopatries, gtube, & bipap overnight

Available: Tuesday-Thursday 3p-11p

E/O Saturday 7a-3p& every Sunday 7a-3p &  3p-11p


LYNN New Hours

21 yr old female with CP, seizures, diabetic, G/J tube

Available Permanent:Sunday, Monday, & Thursday 11p-8a Saturday 1130p-730a



8 yr old female to accompany to school. Charcot-marie-tooth syndrome with Vocal Paralysis. Trach/gtube uses sign language

Available: Back-up Coverage Monday-Friday 645a-530p



25 yr old male with CP, gtube, seizures

Available:  Back up Available Friday, Saturday, and Sunday 3p-12a



1 yr old boy w/ prematurity, hypoxic,ischemic,encephalopathy,trach, g/j tube, vent

Available: -Friday 10p-6a



14 yr old male, w/CP, gtube, & seizures

Available: E/O Wednesday 1:30-430



15 yr old boy, dx with myotubular myopathy, with trach, vent, and G tube

Available: Monday-Thursday 630a-330p to attend school

Monday-Friday 5p-9p or 6p-10p



67 yr old woman with ALS, trach, vented all times, O2 dependent, diabetic

Available: Monday 4p-11p& Friday 4p-1130p

Varying Weekend shifts on Saturday and Sunday 8-4/3-11



30 y/o male- Traumatic brain injury, gtube

Availability: overnights every Wednesday 10p-6a, every other Saturday  10p-6a

Family has friendly dog.  Really nice family!



71 y/o male, ALS, gtube, trach, vent

Available- Tuesday, Thursday 6a-5p , Wednesday 6a-2p



31 y/o male- neurofibromatosis, gtube

Available- Every other Saturday 4-10p and every other Sunday 3p-9p or 4-10p



16 yr old female, CP, seizures, Gtube

Available:e/o Saturday 10a-6p & every 6p-11p

Vacation Coverage: Tuesday 12/6 4p-9p & Sunday 12/11 8p-730a  

Shifts may vary from what is listed



10 month old boy w/ laryngomalacia s/p laryngotracheal reconstruction & cleft repair, trach

Available: Thursday  9a-3p with potential for Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday



4 yr old boy to accompany to school, recently had trach removed.

Available: Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday 7a-3p



41 y/o female, CP, gtube, trach, vent

AVAILABLE: Weds. 7a-3p, Weds, thurs, Friday every other Saturday overnight 10p-7a


24 yr old male dx muscular dystrophy, vent, trach, and gtube

Available: Thursday, Friday, and e/o Saturday 11p-7a 1 nurse all 3 shifts



13 y/o female

Brain malformation, g-tube, reflux


Wed, Thur, Fri 4p-8p



2 y/o female- CP, Diabetes Insipidus, Cortical visual impairment, G-tube

Available:  Mondays 4p-7p



3 y/o male- Vent, Trach, G/J Tube

Available:   Tuesdays, Wednesday, Friday  8p-8a

No prior vent experience needed, train in home



DEDHAM ( If interested in any of the following cases below contact 781-381-5405) 

BRIGHTON- New Referral

11 y/o male trach & gtube.  Looking for someone to accompany him to school including bus rides to and from. 

Preferably Bilingual/Spanish speaking

Available: Monday-Friday 8a-TBD



71 y/o female, MS, Trach, Vent, Gtube, Diabetic, Neurogenic bowel & bladder

Available: Saturday 9p-8a



12 y/o female, Infantile Pompe Disease, Scoliosis, Trach, Vent, GT

Available: Monday-Friday 6a-9a

Monday- Thursday 2:30p-7:00p

Sunday 8a-6p (flexible)

A lot of lifting required

Family willing to Vent train

Nurse must commit to a minimum of 2 shifts per week



8 y/o female, Mitochondrial Disorder, Vent, Trach, GT, some lifting required

Available: e/ o Saturday 6a-4p (Flexible times)

e/o Sunday 8a-4p

Thursday, Friday, Saturday & Sunday 10p-6a

Must have Pedi experience



3 y/o female, STXBPI (Chromosomal disorder) global delay, reflux, trach, GT, O2

Available: Monday 5p-11 or 12p

Monday, Wednesday, Friday overnights

Fill ins: Thursdays in November 3p-11p



7 y/o female, Gangliosidosis, Failure to thrive, GT/Trach/Vent at night

Available: Wednesday 3p-10p

e/o Sunday 9a-3p



12 y/o active male, multiple congenital anomalies, hearing loss

Available: Sunday 10a-7p



23 y/o male, Cerebral Palsy, Microcephaly, Chronic Lung Disease,GT, Trach, Vent


Avail:  Saturday 5p-1a

Sunday 8a-6p

Back up nurses for all shifts

Coverage during maternity leave: Tuesday 9a-6p (End of April until mid-late July)



25 y/o female CP, Quadriplegic, GT

Available: Tuesday 3:00p-8:00p

Family has small friendly dog

Coverage during maternity leave: Wednesady & Thursday 3p-8p & Saturday 12p-8p (End of April until mid-late July)




5 y/o active and cognitively intact girl, Post malignant brain tumor, Seizure Disorder, Trach, GT, Vent

Available: Saturday 8a-6p

*Parents willing to provide Trach & Vent training*



14 y/o female, Hypoxic/ischemic encephalopathy, GERD, Legally Blind, Seizures, Quadriplegia, Cough/ Assist Device, GT

Available: Friday  3:30p-8:30p

            Saturday 12p-6p



13 y/o female, Moebius Syndrome, Collins Syndrome, Trach, Vented NOC, & PRN

During the day

Available: Tuesday & Thursday 7a-4:30p (attends school with child)



9 y/o active male, Down Syndrome, Delayed Development, Resp Insufficiency, Trach

Available:            Sunday                 Flexible. 8a-?

Monday               Starting mid -March 7a-7p

Tuesday               7-330p or 5p, 7p, 9p or 330p-9p

Friday                  Starting mid- March 7a-7p current: 5p-9p

Saturday               Flexible 8a-?




19 y/o female, CP, Trach, GT, Blindness, Seizure DO, vented at night

Available:  Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday 11p-6a


64 y/o female, ALS, MRSA Pneumonia, Resp. failure, Vent, GT, Trach, Type 2 DM, Hypothyroid, Urinary Retention


Sunday 8a-4p

Saturday 4p-9p

Wednesday 1p-9p

Wednesday 9p-9a

Thursday 2p-10p

Friday 3p-9p

Friday 9p-8a

Saturday 9p-9a



8 male, y/o Chromosomal Abnormality, GT, 02

Available: Friday 8a-6p

      Sunday 10a-4p

      Saturday 8p-8a



3 y/o male, Lymphangioma, Trach, Vent, GT, O2 PRN, non-verbal

Available: Monday, Tuesday, & Thursday 8p-6a

*Spanish speaking nurses preferred*



15 month old, female, Congenital Diaphragmatic Hernia, GJT, Trach, Vent, O2

Available: e/o Friday 8a-4p

                 Tuesday, Friday, & Saturday 11p-7a



3 y/o male, subglottic stenosis, O2 prn, trach, suctioning

Available: Thursday 7a-3p

Wednesday, & Friday 11p-7a




7 y/o male, CP, GJT

Available: e/o Saturday & Sunday Overnights 11p-7a beginning 12/10 & 12/11



14 y/o female, GT, Encephalopathy, Seizures

Avail: Monday thru Friday 3p-7p (or later)

e/o Saturday & Sunday 11a-7p (Must be flexible to come in earlier/stay late)



25 y/o female, developmental delays, Con seizures, esophageal reflux, GT/ Nasal suction

Available : Monday 3:30p-7:00p







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  • Northeast Clinical Services, Inc. is a not for profit certified home health care agency established in 2003 that specializes in the provision of high quality nursing care to medically complex and fragile children and adults.

    We seek RNs, LPNs and therapists who can provide exceptional care for our patients. Employment opportunities include Private Duty Nursing, Skilled Intermittent Care, Speech Therapy, Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, and Social Services (LICSW).

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