"To all that participated in the care of my mother I have nothing but the highest praise & gratitude for Northeast Clinical Services, I truly would have been lost without you. The professionalism and kindness everyone demonstrated was a breath of fresh air and greatly appreciated. Angles come in many forms- this time, they worked via Northeast Clincials Staff" - D.G.
“I cannot speak highly enough about our nurse. She is so interactive with our daughter and just wonderful all around. She makes sure to communicate with me at the end of each shift and very thorough. I couldn’t ask for a better nurse”
"Private duty nursing involves making differences that you are able to see over time. Families are at ease knowing their loved ones are receiving quality care from well-trained nurses. There is no better feeling than to know you have contributed to improving and maintaining a patient's well-being while educating and empowering the family. Working one-one with patients is by far the most rewarding nursing experience." - Sandra D. NCS employee

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When I Grow Up...

Most of us have gathered a youngster close and asked, "What do you want to be?" And the little one responds with, "When I grow up..."

We listen intently as they rattle of a litany of amazing ideas that will be their future. And we silently pray that we will be able to provide the opportunities that will allow them to realize their dreams.

Most of us have never had to consider what it would be like to have a little one who does not have the capacity to express their dreams, and we may have difficulty to comprehend how a parent of that little one can cope.

The truth is, it is not coping; it is adjusting the depth of dreams. It is realizing that it is not the grandness of the dreams but believing that dreams still exist and are just as meaningful.

The parents and families that NCS is fortunate to work with, are living reminders that dream makers do exist.They are diligent within their passion to provide and amazing life for their little ones.

They dream of a day without a seizure, a month without an infection, and a season without a hospitalization. They dream that they will make the right decisions, maintain financial viability , and always touch gently.

They dream and pray, "When you grow up"...

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